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Create A Fitness Routine In 5 Steps

Working exercise into a hectic routine can feel more draining than a few miles on the treadmill! Don't give up your plan to get fit: try these simple but effective tips to get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle you can stick with.

1. Define your goals
Whether you're toning up, conditioning for team sports, or aiming for overall weight loss, write down and display your goals to give yourself a sense of purpose. Set targets that are realistic, specific and measurable to get the best results. Before you launch into your first set, make sure you record relevant details, such as your body mass index and waist measurements, as these will provide good indicators of your progress.

2. Build gradually
People who overdo it in the first week of their programme tend to give up sooner. Get an idea of your starting fitness level by noting basics like the number of push-ups you can perform before setting a routine. If your ultimate goal is to race a marathon, test yourself by working towards a 10k first. This will provide you with a measurable fitness milestone, and help you commit to training.

3. Complementary cuisine
Support your exercise routine with nourishing food. Nutritious goodies like oatmeal, almond butter, sweet potato, avocado, chicken breast, steak, broccoli, and bananas will help restore your energy levels and boost your recovery. Gradually increase your intake of protein, fruit, veg and complex carbs, cut down on sugar and salt, and stay hydrated even on recovery days.

Plan your week in advance so you won't be able to duck out of sessions with the excuse of having no time. For extra motivation, try to sync your programme with a friend who has similar goals so you can keep each other on track. Knowing that you’ve got circuit training or a run with a partner pencilled in will help to keep you accountable.

5. Break free
If your workout is becoming too easy or repetitive, incorporate new exercises to keep things fresh. If you’ve seen big improvements in your cardio fitness, concentrate more on strength and functional training. If you want to try something completely different, look for an activity that will complement your chosen sport: yoga is great for runners, conditioning muscles to protect against damage, and helping improve balance, posture and concentration.


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